Jesse Barron is a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, where he covers finance and crime. “The Girl From Plainville,” his article about the Michelle Carter “texting suicide” case, is the basis for the Hulu series of the same name.

what happened inside Ed Buck's apartment?

West Hollywood is an insulated place. [New York Times Magazine]


how Puerto Rico became the newest tax haven for the super-rich

Green iguanas are an invasive species in Puerto Rico, and the government was encouraging consumption as a form of population control. [GQ]

the girl from Plainville

It was hard to believe these kids understood that when you killed yourself, you were dead and you didn’t come back. [Esquire]

gun money

“Those assault rifles—they couldn’t make them fast enough.” [New York Times Magazine]

hedging against the apocalypse

If he were right, he could make billions. If he were wrong, it wouldn’t matter, because the world would be on fire. [New York Times Magazine]

the bounty hunter of Wall Street

“The difference between this and journalism is you can make millions of dollars.” [New York Times Magazine]

bad romance

“MFA, what does that stand for, Mother Fucking Asshole?” [Harper’s]

the democracy factory

McDonald’s menus are more consistent across county lines than voting technologies are. [California Sunday Magazine]

the curious case of Aurelius Capital v. Puerto Rico

Largely out of view, distressed-debt hedge funds have honed a set of tools for recovering bad foreign debt, turning courts into collection agents. [New York Times Magazine]

the death of David Buckel

An incandescent act of speech. [New York Times Magazine]

yard sale

“The thing is,” he said, “none of this matters. These tests don’t matter. In the end, my dad will make a donation to Duke, and that’s where I’ll go.” [Bookforum]

on coke

The short-term effects of cocaine are focus and euphoria; the medium-term effect is that you hate yourself. [Bookforum]


another country

Country fans no longer resemble the characters in country songs. [Bookforum]


segmented sleep

How had my life been put in the hands of someone like me? [New York Times Magazine]

the babysitters club

Adulthood stretches pointlessly out ahead of us, the planet is melting off its axis, you will never have a retirement account. Here’s a hamster. [Real Life]

easy, tiger

Spouses always believe that they would be declared the unambiguous victim if they could only present their case to a reasonable third party, like a UN election observer. [Bookforum]


on Cory Arcangel

Someone, somewhere, has to do some fucking work. [Bookforum]


the inattention game

From a zebra’s perspective? Let it rain. [Bookforum]


on Edward Snowden

“Is he crazy, or is this something real?” [Bookforum]

an interview with Atticus Lish

“I don’t care about your sad brown eyes.” [Bomb Magazine]

on the 2016 election

A bomb under a table that the audience can see but the people sitting there cannot. [Bookforum]


on Boyhood

The adults made these decisions offscreen. [n+1 Magazine]

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Adam Eaglin
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Adam Eaglin
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